Vintage AC Engine spares



Crankshaft, good second-hand crankshaft with fitted sprockets and starter dog, slight surface glazing of rust so a very light grind of the bearing journals might be advisable before white metal bearings are finish machined. £100?


Connecting Rods, caps and bolts, good second-hand and from the same source as the crankshaft. £60?


Camshaft Drive Chain and Cam Sprocket, good second-hand and from the same source as the crank. £50?


Set of Six Cylinders and Matching Pistons, all brand new and unused, a set of 6 paired wet liners, turned from the correct grade of centrifugally cast iron, 6 new/old stock pistons in original boxes to which the bores of the liners have been finish honed, and the paired boring jig in case you need to change liner bores for any reason. I had the liners made for my vintage engine, but never needed them and I believe they will fit any AC engine. £950?



Top end Gasket set, brand new, unused and as supplied to me by the factory in 1995, including three of the very rare, original design, figure-of-eight liner bottom seat gaskets. £250?

More details from:      John Thring, on 07867 532957 or